Here is what districts are saying about Easy Sped Tracker!

“I can say without hesitation that the quality and professionalism of Kara Stone and The Easy Sped Tracker exceeded our expectations. Our district began using Easy Sped Tracker in May of 2015 and we have been very pleased with this program. The program allows our teachers to track the students’ inclusion minutes and interventions in real time. The program is very efficient and easy to use. I highly recommend The Easy Sped Tracker to any district. ”

La’Keisha Brite, Executive Coordinator of Special Education, Manor ISD, Manor, Texas

“Easy Sped Tracker has helped us to provide better service to our students. It is easy to use, as the name implies. The program helps us to be more accurate in what we do serve our students. Our district is able to use the data in the ARD meetings to document the need for an increase or decrease of services. This also allows us to be more efficient with our time and staffing concerns.”

Monica Gross, Director of Special Education, Brazos ISD, Wallis, Texas

“The Easy SPED Tracker program provides me the data to quickly and easily identify the amount of support our kids are receiving.
The instructional support data can be evaluated by campus, inclusion personnel or individual student.”

Robert Stevens, Director of Special Education, Texas

“Easy Sped Tracker drastically cuts down on the time it takes to keep track of content mastery/inclusion times. I love being able to use the reports to quickly determine who has met their times and who has not. The program is very easy to learn and use.”

Christi Perkins, Special Education Teacher
Decatur ISD, Decatur TX

“Easy Sped Tracker has made tracking CM times, in our classroom, both easy and accurate. It requires very little training and it is simple to use.”

Becky Harrison, Special Education Paraprofessional, Decatur ISD, Decatur TX

“Over the years, I have spent hours studying the Content Mastery and Inclusion Support Logs and comparing them to the schedule pages trying to verify that students were indeed receiving the required services and time. Collecting the data from the teachers each six weeks was time consuming and frustrating for all parties.

Easy Sped Tracker allows me to spot check this information each week in a fraction of time previously required. I can access the information from my desk while on the phone with a concerned parent. It also proves itself as a valuable resource during ARD meetings and parent meetings when there is a question of accessibility of services.

For accountability and possible litigation documentation, it has met the needs of our district spot on.

Velvet Townsend, Special Education Director
Decatur ISD, Decatur, Tx