Inclusion Tracking


Inclusion is another LRE (Least Restrictive Environment) when the Special Education staff goes into the Regular Education classroom to provide specialized individualized instruction for the Special Education student. The ARD committee determines the level of support and the ARD Document specifies the amount of Inclusion time that the Special Education student is required to receive either daily, weekly, monthly or per six weeks. The Special Education staff providing the Inclusion instruction documents the beginning and ending time of the instruction, the subject matter, and the level of support, accommodations and modifications the Special Education student received. Special Education staff are typically seen with binders in which they carry with them, from class to class, to document the inclusion data. The Easy Sped Tracker is a simple strategy and tool to assist Special Education staff with inclusion tracking and reporting. The Easy Sped Tracker provides paper-less, on-line tracking and reporting and is accessible by laptop/computer, iPad or Smartphone, anywhere there is internet available.