Content Mastery Tracking


The Content Mastery (CM) concept was developed in Texas by the Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD in the 1980’s. CM is a LRE (Least Restrictive Environment) type of individualized instruction that allows the Special Education student to remain in the General Education setting during the direct instruction and go to the CM classroom for additional help on an assignment after the direct instruction. In the CM classroom the student may receive more individualized instruction as well as having access to specific modifications and accommodations. The ARD (Admission, Renewal and Dismissal) committee and ARD document specify the minimum amount of time that a Special Education student must receive for CM. The CM times may be specified as daily, weekly, monthly or per six weeks. The Special Education Teacher is required to track the contact time when the Special Education student enters and exits the CM classroom, the subject area, the level of support, accommodations, and modifications as well as which Special Education staff assisted the Special Education student. For many years, Special Education teachers have continued to track this data by using pen and paper then creating spreadsheet reports from the data. This process takes many hours each week and is extremely time consuming. The Easy Sped Tracker is a great strategy and tool to assist Special Education staff with Content Mastery tracking and reporting. Easy Sped Tracker provides paperless, on-line tracking and reporting. The Easy Sped Tracker is accessible by laptop/computer, iPad or Smartphone, anywhere there is internet available. It is Instant Data Access.